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Got Technology? 

Can technology help to support your students through personalized learning, visual representations, digital tools, and online activities to support making connections and explaining their thinking?

A meta-analysis of the effect of technology on mathematics achievement showed statistically significant gains across the K-12 classroom (Slavin & Chung, 2013). Students who reported their teachers used computers frequently as a way to demonstrate new topics had higher levels of math achievement (House, 2011). Mathematics knowledge was also positively related to the use of multimedia strategies for elementary students (Weiss, Kramarski, & Tails, 2006). 

If students are working on a project-based learning task, then digital tools that support students in the creation phase of their project might be useful to consider, whereas teachers who are explaining a concept might need virtual manipulatives to help students construct a model.   

As such I have created a classification of technology tools in relation to mathematics instruction.  Have fun, take a look and share your teaching ideas and technology tools with me.

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Digital Assessment Tools: understand your learners and what they know, need to know or have learned. 

Blended Learning: personalized and provide additional support or challenge using a blended learning program. 

Calculation Tools:  calculating data and displaying information with pictoral and symbolic representations. 

Creation Tools: express ideas and show what they know via multimedia and video recording. 

Collaboration Tools:  students share ideas, resources and work collaboratively on different devices at the same time. 

Construction Tools:  create a mathematical model using either real world images or virtual pieces. 

Connectivity Tools: share  ideas and/or products of learning, with other people in a virtual space. 

Gamify:  ask questions and provide immediate feedback. 

Math Tasks: Rigorous math tasks that allow students to problem solve and think deeply about a concept. 

Presentation: share ideas in a presentation format. 

Productivity: support you and your students in organizing ideas for self-regulation. 

Video: used to demonstrate a concept or express a related math idea.

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  1. You are missing resources for Music. Some resource can be FLAT which works with Google Classroom,, and smart music. Just to mention a few. I hope you could add this on that list. Thank you very much.


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