Teacher Candidates

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  3. New teacher candidates must meet with their Faculty Advisor at their center in the first 60 days of starting their program.
  4. If you need to meet with Dr. Patricia Dickenson please click here to select a date/ time.  Onsite meetings will be held at National University in San Jose.

Send an email with any questions you have or if you would like to see Dr. Dickenson write about a particular topic send her a question to: pdickenson@nu.edu
National University Teacher Credential Program
In each of the past 13 years, National University has prepared more teachers for credentialing than any other single institution of higher education in California.

Unprecedented growth in the K-12 student population, combined with teacher and administrator retirements, has created an in-demand job market for qualified teachers, school psychologists, counselors, and administrators. National University offers a broad range of academic opportunities that lead to advancement in these careers.

Learn more about the Credential Program and options for Student Teaching and University Internship and requirements by attending a Student Teaching Orientation with Dr. Patricia Dickenson.

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