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Cognitive Theory

The premise of cognitive theory is the idea that learning is contingent upon how we process information. The Information Processing theory provides a road map in terms of how information is stored, lost, or forgotten. The idea that learners must be actively engaged in the learning process is paramount. Unlike the behavioral theory one does not assume that learning takes place as a result of stimulus and response but that learning is a unique experience that requires mental effort. In this week's forum you should also become familiarized with the domains of Bloom's taxonomy. This is discussed in the Anderson & Krathwohl (2001)A Taxonomy for Learning, Teaching and Assessing.

This week review the Popplet I have posted and share how you could use the strategies discussed in Ormord (2011)for one of the Taxonomy domains. Please add to the popple so that you will have experience using the Web 2.0 tool Popplet. Once you have posted to the popplet please reply to the post with your ideas as to how your strategy is applicable.


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About Me
Dr. Patricia Dickenson has taught grades K-9 she currently works with pre-service teacher candidates. She has three school aged children and loves to create curriculum.

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