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What is your philosophy on learning?

Passion for Teaching
Love working with kids
Want to make the world a better place
 Love when the lightbulb goes off

We know you are writing your philosophy on learning.  And like most teacher education programs this philosophy is not only a requirement but a reflection of your growth and development throughout the program.

Who can you quote?
What learning theories resonate with you?
How do you feel about diversity, equity and access in the classroom? 
What's the value of technology, manipulatives and group work? 

These are all good things to include and yes there is soooo much more.  I didn't mention classroom management, curriculum development, planning, using data, and of course working with colleagues and your students' parents.  

But beyond a generalized statement of how you view the teaching profession and the 101 things you will do throughout the day your philosophy belongs to you. 



Say more than just what others want to hear, say what speaks to your heart, breathes life in your soul.  Say what makes you a great teacher.  

"My goal as a classroom teacher is to empower young learners to have the courage to take risks, make mistakes and understand what they know, don't know and create a path to achieve their goals.  I believe this is possible by creating a classroom culture where teachers and students support each other, trust is part of the learning process and growth occurs when you fail and have the belief this is an opportunity to grow."

You can BE YOU

So what is your philosophy on learning?  


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About Me
Dr. Patricia Dickenson has taught grades K-9 she currently works with pre-service teacher candidates. She has three school aged children and loves to create curriculum.

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